About M-tech

There are many options for the environment. M-tech ensures that you choose the right ones.

Environmental legislation in Belgium, especially in Flanders, has become increasingly complicated over the years; a trend that is still continuing. Naturally, caring for our environment is of great importance. However, entrepreneurs are finding it increasingly difficult to see the wood for the trees in legislation. M-tech helps you find your way in what often seems like a labyrinth.

M-tech is a consultancy specialised in complex environmental and urban development legislation. We consciously choose an integral approach to the problems, i.e. we aim to obtain an environmental license in consultation with you and all government services involved which is acceptable for all parties.

Do you require an environmental license for you company, but do not know how to obtain one? Are you looking for someone who can help you draw up an environmental impact assessment or a safety report? Then at M-tech, you’ve come to the right place.