Energy studies

As part of its climate and energy policy, the Flemish government is imposing several obligations to energy-intensive companies. These companies must use energy rationally and report this to the government. Companies with an energy use of at least 0.1 petajoule must add an energy study or energy plan to an environmental license application.

Another part of Flemish climate policy concerns the management of CO2 emission that originates during the generation of energy. Companies with a relevant emission of greenhouse gas, so-called GHG establishments, must monitor their CO2 emissions according to a monitoring protocol drawn up by the company and verified and approved by the Flemish Verification Bureau for Benchmarking.

M-tech has in-house experts who are authorised to draw up energy studies and who can assist you in drawing up a CO2 monitoring protocol or annual CO2 report.

Our expertise:

  • Drawing up a monitoring protocol for CO2 emissions;
  • Drawing up an annual CO2 emission report;
  • Drawing up an energy study or energy plan.