Environmental audits

In a compliance audit a complete and detailed analysis is made of the extent to which a company is in compliance with current environmental legislation.

This audit can be carried out in two areas:

  • In the field of the company’s administrative situation: is everything that is present on the premises included in the environmental license?
  • In the field of specific environmental conditions (general, sectoral and special conditions): are all environmental conditions being met?

Due dilligence

A potential buyer or person taking over a business assigns this business analysis. The aim is to achieve a correct appraisal of the company in question. Such audits are usually carried out in several domains, where the environmental aspect forms a major part of the analysis.

Supplier audit

This audit entails the screening of a company in the field of environmental licenses for a supplier or a potential supplier.
It also investigates the administrative license situation as well as environmental conditions.

Decretal environmental audit

Some companies in Flanders are obliged to carry out a decretal (laid down by law) environmental audit.
The audit includes a systematic, documented and objective evaluation of the management, organisation and equipment of the company in the field of environmental protection. The decretal environmental audit must be carried out periodically (at least every three years).