Open space and planning

The government resolutely chose the sustainable development of spatial planning. There is no way back. Gaining an insight into this planning process is often hard, yet legal certainty is essential for the company. M-tech ensures that businesses can face these challenges. This is why M-tech aims to make sure that the government gives the company a broad interpretation of its spatial planning.

  • Planning certificates

These certificates can be requested to counterbalance companies not permitted by zoning regulations. The company is given legal certainty that it may continue to work at the current location. At the same time, the prospects for expansion of the company are indicated.

  • Structure and implementation programmes

The current framework of regional and communal area development plans will be replaced by plans that are drawn up to carry out structural plans. M-tech tests the actual legal situation of the companies against these new planning processes, for the continuation of business activities, and for short and long-term expansion.

  • Building requests and appeals

Spatial testing is necessary for building requests for the continuation and expansion of companies. In the implementation programmes coordinated by M-tech, ecological transition and landscape design and a focus on visual screening are included.

In the appeal for the requested building project, M-tech tests the planning possibility and compatibility as it was accepted by the licence granting authority, against the legal framework including jurisprudence, the local situation and the current planning processes.

M-tech guides the actual building requests in the context of legal, ecological and planning feasibility.

  • Forest and nature compensation arrangement

In the event of building projects overlapping environmental management, M-tech looks after the file with regard to compensation as provided in the forest and nature decree.

  • Principle of care

The principle of care is also the basis for a proper assessment that is necessary to be able to assess the impact of the building project on the surrounding (natural) environment.

  • Habitat and bird directive areas

The obligation to draw up a proper assessment is enforced if bird and/or habitat directive areas may be affected. M-tech coordinates these different tasks.

  • Area specific studies

From the start of the submission or renewal of projects, M-tech estimates the area sensitivity of the project. We draw up the necessary reports to give the licence granting authorities the possibility of making an adequate assessment of all aspects of the area in question.