Proces Safety Analyses

The design of an installation or a process largely determines safety when being used. Safety or risk analyses provide an insight into possible abnormalities or process disturbance that may lead to unwanted or even dangerous situations. The present damage limiting measures are listed and evaluated in a risk analysis (among others, HAZOP and PLANOP). Additional measures are suggested where necessary.

HAZOP (HAZard and OPerability study) is a fault analysis used worldwide to systematically trace unwanted or dangerous process conditions. At the same time, the safety measures available for managing these process conditions are mapped out and evaluated.

PLANOP (Progressive Loss of containment ANalysis – Optimising Prevention) is a software-assisted method for realising loss of containment analysis, based on the “bow tie” model. Planop identifies the successive causes that may lead to loss of containment, as well as the safety measures present that should prevent this. Through the built-in LOPA evaluation method, it can be determined whether the measures present sufficiently reduce the possibility of loss of containment or whether additional measures are required.

The M-tech experts have a lot of experience in carrying out and guiding risk analyses.

Our expertise:

  • HAZOP;