Safety reports

Safety reports (OVR, SWA-VR)


Companies where certain amounts of dangerous substances are present are subject to the obligation of drawing up a report. They must create a safety report to indicate that the risks linked to the presence of these substances are known and managed sufficiently. This is the result of a European Directive, the Seveso III Directive, which has been transferred to Flemish legislation.

There are two types of safety report in Flanders: the regional safety report (OVR) and the cooperation agreement safety report (SWA-VR).

The OVR is linked to the environmental license: the application file for an environmental license of a company where there are risks of major accidents must include an approved regional safety report. The regional safety report maps out and evaluates the risks for the region.

The SWA-VR must be drawn up according to the cooperation agreement between the Federal State and the three Regions. With this report, the proprietor must be able to indicate that he manages the dangers and risks linked to the presence of dangerous substances. The SWA-VR also needs to contain adequate information to allow for emergency response planning by the responsible authorities. The SWA-VR is a dynamic document that must be in accordance with the company’s current situation. This is why it must be reviewed periodically, at least every five years.

M-tech has several experts who are authorised to draw up OVRs and SWA-VRs.