Seveso status and levy

A Seveso company is a company that is falls under the Seveso III Directive, and therefore also under the stipulations of the Cooperation Agreement. In these companies, there are possible risks of major accidents occurring.
The legislation distinguishes low and high threshold Seveso companies, depending on the nature and amounts of dangerous substances that may be present in the company.

Apart from the obligation to draw up a safety report (OVR and SWA-VR), high threshold companies must pay an annual levy. The levy depends on the potential dangers of the company and is determined by means of a danger index method.

M-tech has extensive expertise in Seveso legislation and can provide the necessary assistance to determine the Seveso status of your company, in the calculation of the enforced Seveso levy and in the realisation of legal obligations concerning the Seveso Directive (notification, prevention policy, emergency plans).

Our expertise:

  • Determining Seveso status (high or low threshold);
  • Calculating the Seveso levy;
  • Drawing up the notification, prevention policy and emergency plan.